Day after day coming into my own as a mother…

I have found the path of motherhood to be bumpy and overwhelming at times. While some days I feel like I need to spend a week away from my kids (and by kids I also mean my husband) (LOL), I find that when I do leave even if it is for a few hours to run errands alone, I am always greeted by my three year old with a “I missed you mommy” that makes every minute of being a mom worth while. I never knew the kind of love that I would feel for this little person coming into his own after three years and to think I have another I will be able to share this experience with again. My kids are my life and have made my life that much better – difficult yes – but so worth living. This is an all over blog post, but one I felt I needed to get out there before my thoughts were on something else:).

I never dreamed I would be a mother, let alone a mother at 21. I left home at 17 to join the military, married my husband at 18, had heart surgery at 20, and had my bundle of joy after turning 21. Not to mention I deployed to Iraq at the age of 19 with a few of my closest friends whom I still stay in contact with. Sometimes we realize too late that people who are meant to be in our lives are the least likely but end up being the best of friends!

Anywho back to the topic of the story, I am a young mother but I feel like I am 30 sometimes! I feel like life is so short and that I have to get the hard stuff over with sooner so I am able to enjoy the small moments like coming home to an “I miss you mommy” moment after being gone for just a few short minutes. I think the greatest struggle with being a parent is knowing what is the best thing to do for your child. With so many nutritional studies out there and information about vaccinations – this world seems almost impossible to raise a child the right way. I have found that three things really work in our home. The first is a strict bed time – unless nap time has befallen us early:). Ensuring that we wash our hands and make sure we brush our teeth – we want those adult teeth to have the best chance possible – and we need to keep away the nasty germs:/. The final tip is to constantly change the way you adapt to your childs behaviors and needs. Not all kids are the same and not all children listen to their parents, but this does not mean that they are a “bad egg” it just means they need a different set of guidance. My child constantly challenges my husband and I. Between the I have to go potty’s after bed time has gone and passed by an hour to the I don’t like Ravioli – which by the way was his favorite food last week….Good grief, I have spent so much money on food for this child the past three years LOL!

I feel that there is never enough to know about raising children, and there isn’t one way to bring up a child the right way. As long as you show love, respect, and set good examples your children will be good citizens when it counts most. That isn’t until they are adults, so we have a long ways to go! Always adapting to the changing ways of our children is the only way to survive – afterall we want to be part of our grandchildren’s lives someday so we need to ensure our relationships with our children remain strong and healthy.

I have not been fortunate to share the wonderful times with my parents mainly because all my life the relationship has been nothing short of inconsistent. I pride myself in knowing both parents are home at bed time to put my kids to bed so they feel safe and that my kids will never know how hard it is to raise them in this economy. I grew up with the constant stressors of abuse, emotional abuse, and a lack of guidance – it is no wonder I fled my family in search of something more. While on my adventure of searching for more I found someone with the same issues – my husband. Both of us broken and in need of something stable; we found a common bond in eachother. I was so thankful to stumble upon my love of 6 years – while it has been challenging we have made it through the other side. So, I guess the moral of this story is that becoming a good parent has not been easy, I have had to find my own way because I was never shown a healthy way to love or interact with other people. If anything has changed my life for the better it is my children. I found that life is too short to dwell on the past, things that could have been, and the wrong people may or may have not done to me. I want to be a better person for my kids – therefore I am. So, thank you Aiden and Emmett for making mommy a better version of herself.

End of thought.

Have a wonderful day!



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