What’s with all the sickness floating around??

It seems that since this last December and through this year there have been so many bugs going around, has anyone else noticed? From the new H7H9 flu strain in China to the Sydney norovirus that causes severe bowel issues – I am nervous to even hit up the local supermarket….! About three years ago I realized how scared I became for my children because of all the nasty bugs in the world.

Reluctantly, I became a germ-phobe and yes I am the mother who constantly makes my children wash their hands and I always carry a bottle of sanitizer with me even if it doesn’t really kill all the super-bugs lingering on surfaces. However, back to the question at hand. What is up with all the bugs lately??!

I figure it is due to the change in climate – longer winter this year and many people forced to stay couped up inside where germs can proliferate a hundred-fold. I am embarrassed to say that I have stayed away from friends and their children due to how often they are ill – I do not want my family or my unborn child getting sick…YIKES! My best friend from Michigan actually texted me today that she and her three week old newborn have strep throat…all I could think about was that I hope our little trip to the zoo today won’t end up with an unhappy ending in a few days. We have been ill three times in the past three months. This is just unheard of in my household because I work very hard to ensure the health of my loved ones.

How is it that so many people are ill – but you still see them dragging their poor sick children through the grocery store or at places where normal healthy people take their families. It’s no big deal to them because they are already sick so why not share it with the vulnerable populations of the world. I actually had a co-worker (before I quit my job) tell me that if I wasn’t prego she wouldn’t care about getting me sick but she didn’t want to get the baby sick. In my head I was thinking…Um I have small children at home you crazy five-letter word. Ugh…Germs and people can be disgusting.

Does anyone else have issues with sick people sharing their germs to the world?


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